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Music - Discography


Music Rascal Flatts (tracking for seven songs)
Airto Moreira (tracking and mixing for four complete CD's)
Flora Purim (tracking and for six complete CD's)
Depeche Mode (tracking for four complete CD's
Robert Cray (tracking for one CD and portions of a second titles)
Michael McDonald
Kenny Loggins (tracking and mixing for four CD's)
Blues Traveler (tracking for Truth be Told CD)
Yes (tracking and mixing for the CD 'Magnification')
Live (tracking-mixed by Mike Shipley)
Ed Kowlczyk
Chad Taylor
Patrick Dahlheimer
Chad Gracey
Kevin Costner and Modern West (tracking portions of two CD's)v Teddy Morgan
John Coinman
Park Chisholm
Larry Cobb
Joe Cocker (vocal recording for Unchain My Heart Single and entire CD
Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra (tracking and mixing for five CD's)
Maynard Ferguson and Big Bop Nouveau (tracking and mixing for seven CD's)
Fourth World (tracking and mixing for three CD's)
Gary Meek
Jose Neto
Third Force (tracking for three CD's)
Lawson Rollins (tracking and mixing for four CD's-fifth in process)
Peter White (tracking guitar overdubs on three CD's for Third Force)
John McEuen (tracking and mixing on two CD's and one Film Score w/Tommy Lee Jones and Sissy Spacek)
Richard Marx
Tommy Sims
Tim Pierce
RadioHead (overdubs)
Beck (overdubs)
Joe Walsh (tracking and mixing)
Jackson Browne (tracking and mixing)
David Crosby (tracking for two CD's)
Lee Rittenour (tracking and overdubs)
Ringo Starr (tracking and overdubs)
BeachBoys (tracking and mixing)
Carla Olsen (overdubs)
Mason Williams (overdubs)
William Aura (tracking and overdubs)
Bruce Becvar (tracking and mixing for two CD's)
Big Bad VoodDoo Dady (tracking for three CD's)
She, Her, and I (tracking for CD with BBVD and Scotty Morris)
Willie and Lobo (tracking and mixes for two releases on Mesa/BlueMoon Records)
Tom Waitte (overdubs)
Burl Ives (ukelele and spoken word)
Paul McCandless (overdubs for Bruce Becvar)
BucketHead (tracking and mixing for two CD's)
Bruce Goldish (mixing and mastering for two CD's)
Byl Carruthers (basic tracking for numerous titles)
Herman's Hermits, Inc.
Peter Noone
Barry DeVorzon
Higher Vision
Hubbub Music
Jimmy Buffett
Vinny Coliuata
Martin Landau
Jeff Pevar
Dulcie Taylor
Christian Jacob (tracking and mixing for three CD's)
Charles Lloyd (tracking and mixing for five CD's and his 'Arrows Into Infinity' documentary)
Herbie Hancock (overdubs for Airto)
Chick Corea (overdubs for Airto)
Jason Moran
Reuben Rogers
Eric Harland
Zakir Hussain
Rick Braun
John Patatucci (tracking for Christian Jacob)
Stanley Clarke (overdubs for Airto)
Hiram Bullock (overdubs for Airto)
Jorge Dalta (tracking with Flora Purim)
Giovanni Hidalgo (overdubs and tracking for Airto and Flora Purim)
Peter Erskine (tracking for Christian Jacob)
Tito Puente (overdubs and mixing for Maynard Ferguson)
Tom Garling
Phil Ramone
SCAM 1108, Inc
Tony Shepperd
Mark Egan (overdubs for Airto and Flora Purim)
George Duke (overdubs for Flora Purim)
Grant Geissman (tracking for Third Force)
Wayne Bergeron (tracking for Maynard Ferguson)
George Stone (mixing for his self titled CD)
Randy Tico (tracking and mixing for CD and film score with John and Bo Derek)
Shania Twain
Harry Manfredini (two film score orchestral tracking)
Atlantic Records
Warner Bros. Records
Sony Records
Epic Records
Higher Octave Music
Breath of Life Records
Rick Rosenthal (sound FX design for two nature films in international release)
John Brooks (numerous mixes for maritime nature films)
Mike DeGrye
Colorado Community Church (tracking and mixing for several CD titles)
Cox Communications
Dave LeMieux
Matt Tutor
DeMilune, Inc.
ECM Records
Ed Smith
Adam Noosbaum
Trey Henry
EMI Music
Fruity Generation LLP
Lyric Street Productions
Martin Gore
Dave Gahan
Mercury Records
Music Academy of the West
Mute Records
Nozzle Records
Curt Biscera
Raul Ferrando
Rendezvous Entertainment
Dave Cos
Alan White
Steve Howe
Jon Anderson
Chris Squire
Jon Popper
RoadRunner Records
Jim Wright
Joe Firstmann
Jim Clarke
Santa Barbara City College
Santa Barbara Martitime Museum
Dos Pueblos High School
Santa Barbara High School
San Marcos High School
Carpinteria High School
Self Esteem Seminars
Travis Ahlstrom
Donzell Davis
Ray Panell
Zak Kopeikin
Mason Kopeikin
Mary Wilson (of the Supremes)
Anita Baker
Rebecca Kleinmann
David Paitch
David Pilch
Twin Lakes Church
Universal Music Group
Virgin Records
VenusNote LTD
Warner Music Group
Westmont College
Windham Hill Records



Film/TV/Post/AudioBook Credits:


Orlando Bloom
Jane Lynch
Stephanie Hsu
Rob Lowe
Kevin Costner
Noah Wiley
Michael Douglas
John Cleese
Carol Burnett
Denis Franz
Dianne Ladd
Fannie Flagg
Jack Canfield
Rhonda Byrne
Marilyn Tam
Nora Gallagher
Christopher Lloyd
Bo Derek
TC Boyle
Michael Imperioli
Jonathan Winter
Jeff Bridges
Falling Skies(TV Series)
Californication(TV Series)
Parks and Recreation(TV Series)
Law and Order(TV Series)
Lost(TV Series)
Surfs I:The Movie
Surfs II
Iron Eagle3
Deep Star Six
History Channel
Discovery Channel
Nature Series NPR NYC
Jack Ryan-Paramount Pictures
Warner Bros. Animation, TV, and Film
Sony Picture Studio
Red Bull Productions
20th Century Fox
ABC Studios
Brothers and Sisters(TV Series)
Sony TV
Simon and Schuster
Random House Audio Books
Audible Audio Books
Blackstone Audio Books
Annie (the Broadway play) 30th Anniversary CD
Banyan Productions
Brainstorm Creative
Brilliance Audio Books
British Broadcasting Corp (BBC)
Canfield Training Group
Columbia Pictures
Chumash Maritime Assn
Chicken Soup for the Soul
Disney TV
Electronic Arts (EA Video Games)
Exodus Film Group
Fever Pitch Entertainment
Glacier Bay National Park (nature film FX design and mix with John Brooks)
Thunder Bay National Park (nature film FX design and mix with John Brooks)
Hachette Audio, NY
Harper Audio Books
Harper Collins
Kaleidescope Prodductions
Knife Fight LLC
There's Nothing Like Chocolate (documentary film)
Arrow's Into Infinity (documentary film mix)
Above Santa Barbara
Fleetwood Mac Rumours Live Tour Documentary (mix)
Learning Strategies
The Success Principles
Tortilla Curtain Audio Book
Fried Green Tomatoes Audio Book
MacMillan Audio
MTV Networks
Make A Wish Fou
Mark Burnett Marviva Fo
MetaFilms MGM
Michael Collins
Pamela Bruner
Jackson Family
RedBull Media
RIPD (the Jeff Bridges Movie)
Simon and Schuster
SoundsTrue Audio
SpokenWord Audio
Stephen Bocho Productions
Sterling Winters Co
The Production Tree LTD
Turner Classic Movies
Universal Studios
Vanity Fair
New Yorker Magazine
Curtis Fox Productions
Walt Disney Productions
Young and Rubicam
YNR Marketing
Wild logic LLC
David Attenborough
George Blackmann